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To promote your escort website you need to have banners to exchange them with other escort websites and escort directories. Escort Web Design Studio offers impressive banner design: Static Banner - free for customers purchased a website design from Escort Web Design Studio, Animated Banner - just £10 or Flash Animated Banner - just £15.


Have a look at some examples of our work below and if you like what you see and want Escort Web Design Studio to design your escort banners please go to 'Contact Us' page and submit your enquiry. We will contact you shortly.

Useful InformationUseful Information

Escort Banner Campaign

Did you know that studies done reveal that online banner ads are as effective as television ads?


Information released from Business Wire cited that " banner advertisements are as effective as television advertisements in their ability to significantly increase consumer awareness of brands."


While not all banner ads are effective today as they once were, properly designed and placed banner ads are still extremely effective as long as they are seen by the correct eyes.


Some useful things to keep in mind when building your escort banner ad:


1. Be different. When you can, do something different with your banner in comparison to the other banners on the page. If all the other banners are animated, make yours static.


2. Keep it simple. Try to get the full message of the banner across within a 3 second glance he's going to give it. Placing a lot of text isn't necessary. You want the click, so go for that.


3. Diversify. The more exposure a visitor has to your banner, the more interest builds. When putting your banner on a directory, buy multiple category spots to increase its effectiveness.


You always want to thoroughly research the page and site you will be advertising.



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